Mexico…Great Rehab!

Since I hurt my back I can’t do too much, so for mothers day my boyfriend Chris Benchetler and I, went down to see his mom in San Felipe, Mexico. This little vacation was just what the doctor ordered. We laid and walked on the beach, swam in warm water, found sea shells, and went clamming! Clamming was by far the most interesting experience I’ve had in a while. In order to find the clams we waded barefoot through ankle deep mud, and as we walked we would feel a hard “rock” type item. This was typically a clam. Once we were finished, everyone was covered in mud and we walked away with about 130 clams. Very Fun!! Now I am back in Mammoth and my back is still pretty sore but it’s noticeably better. I am back to doing almost everything around the house, I just can’t do anything that involves impact. I am hoping to get the okay to start gyming soon.

Photo Credit: Chris Benchetler