The Ins and Outs of Airports: Airport Travel Tips

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For me traveling is a lifestyle, I adapt to my surroundings and can settle into a hotel room quite comfortably. However, the thing I miss the most when I am jaunting from place to place is my routine. My healthy eating habits may be jepordized and my gym routine becomes sluggish due to the constant change of locations. I am slowly making airports part of my new routine. I have learned how to make educated food choices and figured out a system for traveling that works with my health conscious way of life.

My Top 5 Airport Travel tips are:

  1. Reusable Water Bottle: Bring your own refillable water bottle. When your traveling your body can become very dehydrated. By having your own, preferably aluminum (MIZU) water bottle, you are able to fill up and have water with you at all times. You are also making less of an impact by reusing your bottle.
  2. Snacks: BYOS-Bring your own snacks. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of running through airports leaves you hungry and with limited selections you may reach for something you will regret later. Instead, pack a few snacks like Clif Bar shot Bloks, a Chocolate Coconut Luna Bar, or a Mixed Nut Mojo by Clif Bar. These are smart and healthy grabs that will hold you over until you get your next meal.
  3. Stairs: I swear by the stairs in the airports. Long travel days can leave no time for a gym visit, so whenever possible I head for the stairs. I figure the more my feet move the better my body will feel after sitting on the plane.
  4. Dining: Don’t be afraid to be picky with your food choices in the airport. Since airports are just starting to offer healthy items for travelers I am always modifying my selections. My biggest no-no’s: fast food, dairy items, heavy salad dressing, fried food. Instead, I stick with salads and healthy veggie options.
  5. Stretch: If you have a layover use the spare time to stretch out your legs and hips. Sometimes we don’t realize how tight our muscles can get by sitting.  I will normally find a quiet corner and stretch out my hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

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