/fterForever Full Part released on TWSNOW (.com)

Season after season, Kimmy Fasani sets goals for herself and in turn pushes the progression of snowboarding as a whole. With a solid five video parts under her belt with companies including; Standard, Burton, and TransWord Snowboarding, many wondered what Kimmy would conquer next. The answer comes in the form of a gripping full part in Absinthe’s /fterForever. Though a virgin to riding in Haines, A.K, and a newbie to Absinthe’s stacked roster, stars aligned for Kimmy, who churned out a full part that is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve seen this year.

“Even with all the talent in the world, sometimes the difference between elevating your career to the next level or slipping into obscurity comes down to a few of the right people believing in you at the right time,” said Absinthe’s Justin Hostynek of her part. “Kimmy got to experience Alaska with Nicolas [Muller] and Manuel [Diaz] and took full advantage of the opportunities set before her. The rest is herstory,” he continued.

Click the above photo to watch Kimmy's Full Part Photo Erin Hogue

Click the above photo to watch Kimmy’s Full Part Photo Erin Hogue

Read more at http://snowboarding.transworld.net/videos/kimmy-fasani-full-part-afterforever/#jJK5LgwoITTZv77o.99