New Zealand Slide Show :)

Now that I’m back home in Mammoth I have been able to pick out a few photos to document my time in beautiful New Zealand. That country has the most kind people and breath-taking views. Check it out…

Summer Xgames to New Zealand! Weather SHOCK!

Being from California has really spoiled me. It’s always warm, compared to other states, and especially in Southern California. Well two weeks ago Summer Xgames kicked off in Los Angeles and a group of us got together to celebrate the festivities. DC made it a large party at the Standard, considering they rented out the […]

Summer X-games! Gold Standard with DC!

Summer time rolls around and snowboarding comes to a brief standstill! There’s a few weeks throughout the summer where I can stretch out and relax with some good friends and a nice glass of wine. Well that time has come, with the start of Summer X-Games. Kick off starts today with Girls Skateboarding Vert and […]

Around the World in 30 Days.

After getting back from an amazing trip to Thailand, now I am up in Whistler making a guest appearance at Camp of Champions for a week. The camp has been so fun and finally we are having some beautiful sunny weather. The park is covered with little jibs, jumps, rails, a mini pipe, and a […]

Off to Thailand :)

On Sunday the 28th of June I am off to Thailand for a couple weeks of vacation. No computer, no outside world, and I can’t wait to get lost in the culture and desolation of the beautiful country. I will be back in communication on the 10th of July. So here’s to a premature Happy […]

Recap of the Season

This season was a busy one! I have put 16,000 miles on my car since January, so obviously I drove everywhere. I started out the season by following the contest circuit. I competed in the Dew Tours and in X-games. I placed 6th in X-games and after that event I headed to Utah to begin filming […]

Rock Climbing in the Sierras!

  My new found hobbie is Rock Climbing. Chris and I went out with a friend about 5 days ago and he taught us everything about rock climbing and all the tools that go along with it. Since then we have been out every day, a couple times a day and we are officially hooked. […]

Rainy Days in Mammoth

The weather pattern in Mammoth has been a little off lately. For the past week every morning starts off beautiful and around noon the clouds start rolling in. The afternoon showers are off and on until night fall. We’ve been doing daily bike rides, and I am finally back in the gym. Summertime in Mammoth […]

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