Spring Cleaning!

After sitting on the couch for a few days just waiting to get the okay from physical therapy to starting working out, Chris and I decided to clean out the garage. Instead of just cleaning it, we took everything out of the garage and put it all back in slowly and neatly. We hung hooks, […]

Mexico…Great Rehab!

Since I hurt my back I can’t do too much, so for mothers day my boyfriend Chris Benchetler and I, went down to see his mom in San Felipe, Mexico. This little vacation was just what the doctor ordered. We laid and walked on the beach, swam in warm water, found sea shells, and went […]

Donate to the Cody Rosenthal Fund

Cody Rosenthal recently broke his L3 vertebrae on day two of Super
Park 09. He was flown out of Mammoth Lakes Hospital to Renown Hospital
in Reno and he had surgery on May 10, 2009. A group has been set up on Facebook to send encouragement to Cody so he can get back on his feet. A […]


Snowboarding professionally is an amazing career, however, sometimes your body has to pay the price for trying to progress the sport. In my eyes, small injuries are part of the job description when you sign on to be a professional athlete. I was kindly reminded of this on April 24th, 2009. I was in Park […]

Up and Running!

My new site is up and running! Woo Hoo! After a long and fun season filled with powder, parks, friends, and contests there’s a lot to catch you up on. Check back here frequently and you can follow me on my adventures. I will be posting stories and photos of all the places I go.

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