Burton Presents Teaser- Kimmy Fasani

Burton Presents Teaser- Burton Team

Pre-Season Fitness On

Snowboarding may be seasonal, but staying fit isn’t. The more you prepare your body in the offseason, the harder you can ride during winter. The B Project is a Carlsbad, CA-based gym that helps many professional snowboarders strength train. Kimmy Fasani put us in touch with the B Project to bring you a Burton Girls exclusive preseason […]

Tips on Trail Running

Running is a one of a kind exercise. Your whole body is engaged and working to get you from point A to point B. Even though I try to limit the amount running I do, there’s something special about getting out on dirt trails in the mountains. Trail Running is a blast. The mind has […]

Amusement Park TWSNOW Full Recap VIDEO

Amusement Park: Celebrating women’s progression in women’s snowboarding

Ten of the leading ladies in the pro snowboarding circuit just wrapped up the 2013-2014 season with me at the second annual Amusement Park at Mammoth Mountain hosted by and me! I originally designed this event as a way to progress my riding, session with my girl friends, and build up a stack of […]

Amusement Park 14 Teaser:

Follow the Leader: Kimmy with Specialized Pro Biker Lea Davison

Lea Davison helps Kimmy Fasani master the finer points of the trails on her Specialized Rumor.

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