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Becoming a Mom, Shifting the Women’s Snowboarding Perspective & Filming a Video Part – the Kimmy Fasani Interview

Two seasons ago, Kimmy Fasani reached the pinnacle of her career to-date, joining the prestigious Absinthe Films crew in the fall of 2015 for /fterForever and dropping into Alaskan faces for the first time alongside Nicolas Müller and Manuel Diaz, an experience that resulted in an award-winning video part and Women’s Rider of the Year […]

Amusement MTN 2017: Education Through Collaboration

Transworld Snowboarding : Words by: Amanda Hankison Photos: Chris Wellhausen Less than 40 miles east-northeast from where we have stopped for a late lunch, a 3000-foot cliff casts a shadow over the Yosemite Valley. The gale force winds blowing over the top of our snow shelter perched just below the summit of Hamil Bowl at […]

Kimmy Fasani is awarded 2016 Women’s Rider of the Year!

Aside from being perhaps the most prestigious form of recognition which exists in snowboarding, Rider of the Year serves as a timestamp on the state of snowboarding during the period for which it is awarded. It is an accolade based on talent primarily but not entirely. The Rider of the Year is someone who is […]

/fterForever Full Part released on TWSNOW (.com)

Season after season, Kimmy Fasani sets goals for herself and in turn pushes the progression of snowboarding as a whole. With a solid five video parts under her belt with companies including; Standard, Burton, and TransWord Snowboarding, many wondered what Kimmy would conquer next. The answer comes in the form of a gripping full part in Absinthe’s /fterForever. Though […]

Mindfully Fearless: Recognize Fear and Manage It

Before you do a something new do you get scared? Do you find yourself with those nervous feelings in your stomach, seems like butterflies fluttering, or a shakiness that you can’t get rid of, or thoughts of doubts racing through your head? Fear; it can strike all of us. This is an emotion that runs […]

Mountain Mentality: How Cross-Training Helps Kimmy Fasani Stay Tuned-In

My mind’s ability to find peace under pressure in the big mountains didn’t happen over night; it has taken me the past 8 years to fine tune, and it’s still a work in progress. Testing my limits in the winter, cross-training during the summer, and competing in triathlons have all been huge parts in building […]

The Benefits of Rock Climbing And Some Tips To Get Into It

Spending time in the mountains year-round and staying in shape are essential parts of my life.  Now that I’m back from filming my part with Absinthe Films in Haines, Alaska—safe and healthy!—I’m getting back into my off-season activities, like biking, triathlons, and rock climbing. Rock climbing, in particular, has become a crucial element of my season. In Alaska, it’s […]

3rd Annual Amusement Park Announced

April 14, 2015 – Mammoth Lakes, Ca. – Today Kimmy Fasani announced her third annual Amusement Park photo shoot will be held at Mammoth Mountain from April 25th-28th, 2015.  Fifteen of the top female riders this season will be joining Kimmy in a private photo shoot that celebrates women’s progression in snowboarding. The ladies will be taking […]

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