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Tips on Trail Running

Running is a one of a kind exercise. Your whole body is engaged and working to get you from point A to point B. Even though I try to limit the amount running I do, there’s something special about getting out on dirt trails in the mountains. Trail Running is a blast. The mind has […]

Amusement Park: Celebrating women’s progression in women’s snowboarding

Ten of the leading ladies in the pro snowboarding circuit just wrapped up the 2013-2014 season with me at the second annual Amusement Park at Mammoth Mountain hosted by and me! I originally designed this event as a way to progress my riding, session with my girl friends, and build up a stack of […]

2nd Annual Amusement Park and Burton Girls Ride Day May 10th!

KIMMY FASANI ANNOUNCES 2ND ANNUAL AMUSEMENT PARK SHOOT & WOMEN’S RIDE DAY AT MAMMOTH By Kailee Bradstreet Thu, Apr 17 2014 4:09 pm | 0 Comments inShare SHARE:Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on tumblrMore Sharing Services Kimmy Fasani will host the second annual Amusement Park photo shoot and free girls ride day in collaboration with Burton Girls at Mammoth Mountain. […]

Back in Action, Whistler!

After a few amazing powder days at Mammoth Mountain, it was time I loaded my truck and headed North to spend the next six weeks riding in the mountains of British Columbia in Canada. Spending my of my time with the Nimbus Independent crew, which includes my husband Chris Benchetler, and then hopping in with […]

Baker Banked Slalom

The Mt. Baker banked slalom is legendary! Last weekend marked the 29th year of this coveted event and I am so happy to finally know what it’s all about. A heavy list of professional riders, snowboard industry folk, locals, kids, and families, all gathered to give the course their all. The highly anticipated race always […]

Powder Days in Japan

Riding powder is one of the best feelings in the world. Big carves through open alleys in the trees. Snow, so light and bottomless, it gives your feet the illusion they are floating. Maybe this sounds like a dream, or possibly you’ve been lucky enough to experience this feeling yourself. My mission this year is […]

Kimmy’s First Triathlon: Road to Recovery Part 3

After 12 long months of physical therapy, training, and healing, I have not only been cleared to get back on my snowboard this winter, but have checked off a goal that I thought would never happen. My first (sprint length) triathlon is in the books! What motivated me to do this event as part of my recovery? Well, I figured if I could do a triathlon despite my injury, I could do anything.

Back on Snow! Mammoth’s Open!

Opening day at Mammoth Mountain has come and gone and with clearance to get back on a snowboard this day couldn’t come soon enough. Luckily for me, Mammoth got hit with surprisingly big storm not too long ago and with support from my husband Chris Benchetler and our friend Delaney, I made my first turns! […]

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