Blog: Photos

Peter Morning

Peter Morning is a dear friend and an incredible staff photographer at Mammoth Mountain. Over the past few years Peter has been there to shoot some of my most prized accomplishments in the park. He is also the photographer who captured my first ever double backflip in the park. See more of our photos here. […]

Adam Moran

Adam Moran is a great staff photographer for Burton Snowboards. He is also the photographer that shot my cover on Transworld Snowboarding. Check out some of the photos Adam and I have shot together over the years.

Blotto Photto

Blotto is an amazing staff photographer for Burton Snowboards and it’s always an honor and pleasure to shoot with him. Here are some photos that Blotto and I have shot together over the past couple years. To see more of his amazing pics and to follow his adventures check out

Daniel Blom

Daniel Blom has been the main photographer on each of my Zeal Optics photo shoots and his photos are always beautiful and unique. We have created a great variety of photos both in the snow and also in other various active sports.

Active Lifestyle

Here is a collection of photos from various photographers who have captured me in sports other than snowboarding. I live a very healthy and active lifestyle and these are some of my favorite ways to keep my body fit. Each photo has the photographers name credited in the caption.  

Gabe L’Heureux

Gabe L’Heureux is a staff photographer for Burton Snowboards and has captured some great pictures along our travels together. Check out the gallery here.

Colin Adair

Colin Adair was a staff photographer at DC Shoes. I was lucky to work with him for the 5 years I was on DC. He also shot the photos for the article I wrote for Snowboarder Magazine called Disciple of Descent, which was a personal reflection of my experience spending a season with DC teammate […]

Jesse Lynn Dawson/Erin Hogue/Tim Peare/Scott Serfas/ Ashley Barker/ Oli Gagnon/ Russel Dalby

Scott Serfas and Ashley Barker are staff photographers for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and have been great to work with. Both are  based in BC, Canada. Oli Gagnon is a staff photographer for Snowboarder Magazine. Russel Dalby is a very established photographer based in BC, Canada. All these photographers have an amazing eye for unique shots and […]