2017 Rider of the Year

Throughout the majority of my career, I’ve faced many critics in a heavily male dominated sport. In the 2015/2016 season, I earned an opportunity to film with Absinthe Films, one of the most accredited snowboarding production companies. I know that onlookers doubted my ability to hold pace with the all-star crew of Nicolas Muller, Manuel Diaz, Austen Sweetin, etc, maybe that fueled my desire to show- up in the mountains with all that I could. I wanted to show the industry that women deserved a place in these crews, and in the big mountains.

My season started in British Columbia, getting acquainted with the guys on the crew, and establishing some footage before heading to Haines, Alaska. Prepping for the massive mountains of Alaska takes perseverance, grit, patience, and a centered mind. After a few weeks of getting to know one-another we made our first trip to the last frontier.

I was nervous and semi terrified after hearing Haines was having one of the best seasons in 5 years. This crew I was with was seasoned in this mountainous terrain and I was a newbie- to riding big lines. The mountains come alive in a different way, with epic steepness, and lots of slough. I was about to get thrown into the lions den… but I knew I was going to rise to the occasion! This is what I had been dreaming of my entire career.

As I dropped into my first line- I felt the electric energy of the mountains, I was ready for this challenge. I definitely took big slams, learned so much, and felt like I graduated into another level of mental progression in the mountains.

When my video part was compiled for After Forever, the buzz started… I had shown up in the mountains. I held my own, and had a very fun and progressive year! Ultimately, leading to an industry wide recognition that I was a stand out. I earned Rider of the Year and Video Part of the Year- One of my most proud accomplishments of my career. Not for the award, but for showing myself I could do what I believed was possible when the opportunity was presented! Hopefully, this experience shows other women, that we do belong on these crews, and can move the needle for the industry.

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