Fire on the Mountain

Snowing is falling aggressively and the wind has picked up. We are in the eye of a huge storm and we are standing at the top of a vibrantly lit up slope on the backside of Mammoth Mountain. It’s 8pm and we are going to be riding through the night. Our light suits are on and we wait for the filmers and lighting crew to tell us that they are ready. As soon as we get confirmation, we all high five, and drop into the abyss. Each turn is magical and yet blinding. I’ve been night riding before, but this is a whole new level.

There’s an electric synergy between the winter storm and the familiar hometown mountain terrain, which makes the vibe between all the athletes energized. Myself, Chris, professional skier Michelle Parker, professional snowboarders Danny Davis andJeremy Jones, and professional surfer Rob Machado make our way down the mountain in a beautiful rhythm.

Hoots and hollers can be heard echoing and as we reconnect at the bonfire at the base of the mountain, we share experiences of how these moments are not like anything we’ve ever done. Time stands still as we take a few laps in this space like setting.

It’s now about 2am and I have to get back home to my 1 year old, who I still breast feed in the early morning hours. Our nanny is home with the baby monitor, as I sneak into the house and prepare for the usual 3am feed, I feel like superwoman, resuming my mom duties, and reflecting on the incredible moments from the stormy night. Chris gets home after the sun is in the sky. We repeat this routine four days in a row, by the end we are exhausted, but we know that every ounce of energy was worth the footage that was captured.

This project had been Chris’s brain child. A full- length film that takes the viewer into a psychedelic journey throughout natures most beautiful playgrounds, with the musical backbone of The Grateful Dead. A year in the making and this mountainous experience is what will bring every detail of the film together. Check out the full Fire On the Mountain film here!

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