Amusement MTN

I created Amusement MTN to provide a platform that expedites women’s learning curve in the back country. By coming together with other women to learn, progress, and evolve as athletes they are able to be stronger back country partners.

This event is designed to amplify the younger generation of athletes and give them the confidence and tools, with insights shared from seasoned professionals in the back country, to promote safety and awareness in the mountains. The first step to getting involved with this event is to complete an AIARE Avalanche 1 course via your local avalanche safety organization. In Mammoth Lakes, I highly recommend Sierra Mountain Guides. Follow along on instagram @Amusement_MTN

Amusement Park

I created the Amusement Park event in 2013 as an opportunity for female riders to come together to ride jumps and other terrain park features. My goal with this event was to provide a platform for progression away from the contest circuit, as well as give these women a devoted media crew to capture and share the content.

Over the course of the 3-days, a progressive group of ambitious up-and-coming and established professional snowboarders, were able to lap together in a low pressure and fun terrain park setting at Mammoth Mountain, CA. Yoga, a public womens ride day, and private sunset shoots made this event a well rounded environment for women to shine.

Endemic media outlets were present to capture content giving participants an opportunity to help them reach new riding potentials, while at the same time earning content to share and publish. This event occurred for 5 years before I evolved the direction of the event into what is now Amusement MTN.