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Check Yourself

Being aware of our surroundings and avalanche conditions while spending time in the back country takes practice and effort to routinely updating knowledge through AIARE avalanche awareness courses. Understanding our bodies and their baseline is also really beneficial for staying healthy. I wrote a blog for Burton Snowboards as part of a wide spread BreastContinue reading “Check Yourself”

The Benchetler Fasani Foundation

The Benchetler Fasani Foundation is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to provide a meaningful connection to the outdoors for those who have suffered loss or hardship, by experiencing the healing properties found only in nature. Spending time in nature has always been how my husband, Chris Benchetler, and I clear our mind. The vastness ofContinue reading “The Benchetler Fasani Foundation”

Fire on the Mountain

Snowing is falling aggressively and the wind has picked up. We are in the eye of a huge storm and we are standing at the top of a vibrantly lit up slope on the backside of Mammoth Mountain. It’s 8pm and we are going to be riding through the night. Our light suits are onContinue reading “Fire on the Mountain”

Becoming a Mom in Action Sports

As a professional female snowboarder, I struggled to find the right time to start a family. My husband, Chris Benchetler, is a professional skier and our careers have gone through so many transitions, and momentum kept building as we evolved from contests to big mountains riders. I entered my 30’s knowing there was going toContinue reading “Becoming a Mom in Action Sports”

Benefits of Rock Climbing & Tips to Start Climbing

Spending time in the mountains year-round and staying in shape are essential parts of my life.  Now that I’m back from filming my part with Absinthe Films in Haines, Alaska—safe and healthy!—I’m getting back into my off-season activities, like biking, triathlons, and rock climbing. Rock climbing, in particular, has become a crucial element of my season. In Alaska, it’sContinue reading “Benefits of Rock Climbing & Tips to Start Climbing”

2017 Rider of the Year

Throughout the majority of my career, I’ve faced many critics in a heavily male dominated sport. In the 2015/2016 season, I earned an opportunity to film with Absinthe Films, one of the most accredited snowboarding production companies. I know that onlookers doubted my ability to hold pace with the all-star crew of Nicolas Muller, ManuelContinue reading “2017 Rider of the Year”

About Me

Hi, I’m Kimmy! I’m a professional snowboarder who became a mom of 2 boys, and I’m also a recent breast cancer survivor. Follow along with me as I navigate balancing my career, my family, and my health. Life is meant push us outside our comfort zone, thanks for joining me as I continue to break down barriers.

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