Check Yourself

Being aware of our surroundings and avalanche conditions while spending time in the back country takes practice and effort to routinely updating knowledge through AIARE avalanche awareness courses. Understanding our bodies and their baseline is also really beneficial for staying healthy. I wrote a blog for Burton Snowboards as part of a wide spread BreastContinue reading “Check Yourself”

Tips For a Fun Family Experience On The Mountain

We are an adventurous family who loves to spend time outside exploring all the beauty of the Eastern Sierra. As a professional snowboarder, I am used to being in the mountains majority of the winter, but as a mom of two little boys, Koa 4, and Zeppelin 1, finding a rhythm of getting my familyContinue reading “Tips For a Fun Family Experience On The Mountain”

Changing the Rules of Snowboarding (Outside Magazine)

Making the decision to start a family while also pursuing my career was anxiety inducing. Would my sponsors support this transition into motherhood? Would I be able to fulfill my mountainous pursuits? Motherhood has taken plenty of adjustments and we have learned so much along the way. One of the major lesson’s you don’t knowContinue reading “Changing the Rules of Snowboarding (Outside Magazine)”

Becoming a Mom in Action Sports

As a professional female snowboarder, I struggled to find the right time to start a family. My husband, Chris Benchetler, is a professional skier and our careers have gone through so many transitions, and momentum kept building as we evolved from contests to big mountains riders. I entered my 30’s knowing there was going toContinue reading “Becoming a Mom in Action Sports”