Check Yourself

Being aware of our surroundings and avalanche conditions while spending time in the back country takes practice and effort to routinely updating knowledge through AIARE avalanche awareness courses. Understanding our bodies and their baseline is also really beneficial for staying healthy. I wrote a blog for Burton Snowboards as part of a wide spread BreastContinue reading “Check Yourself”

The Benchetler Fasani Foundation

The Benchetler Fasani Foundation is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to provide a meaningful connection to the outdoors for those who have suffered loss or hardship, by experiencing the healing properties found only in nature. Spending time in nature has always been how my husband, Chris Benchetler, and I clear our mind. The vastness ofContinue reading “The Benchetler Fasani Foundation”

Mindfully Fearless: Recognize Fear and Manage It

Before you do a something new do you get scared? Do you find yourself with those nervous feelings in your stomach, seems like butterflies fluttering, or a shakiness that you can’t get rid of, or thoughts of doubts racing through your head? Fear; it can strike all of us. This is an emotion that runsContinue reading “Mindfully Fearless: Recognize Fear and Manage It”